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Salon Information


A - OPEN COLOR (Pictorial and/or Creative) PID color PSA

B - OPEN MONOCHROME (Pictorial and/or Creative) PID monochrome PSA

C - PHOTO TRAVEL (Color/Monochrome) PTD PSA

D - NATURE (Color/Monochrome) ND PSA


  • All are digital Sections. An author may submit a maximum of 4 images in each section i.e. 20 total images for 5 sections.

  • All the images will be displayed with multimedia projector. Media type JPEG

  • IMAGE SIZE: Maximum image size is 1920 pixels (wide) x 1080 pixels (high)

  • The images must be saved in JPG format, in 72dpi resolution and not exceed 2MB.

  • Entries can be submitted only ONLINE.

  • The organizer will not be held responsible for computer errors in reading the images.

Salon Calendar

Closing Date: April 6th 2023

All judging completed by: April 15th 2023

Notifications sent by: April 30th 2023

Awards mailed by: July 2nd 2023

On-Line Gallery posted by: June 14th 2023

Catalogue Published: July 2nd 2023

Exhibition Dates: July, 2023 (place to confirm)

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